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Professional writing

Coordination challenges for preventing AI conflict

I wrote this blog post in the context of my regular job at the Center on Long-Term Risk. In it, I sketch why and how AI developers can coordinate to prevent catastrophic conflict between powerful AI systems.

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AI Policy Levers: A Review of the U.S. Government’s Tools to Shape AI Research, Development, and Deployment

I helped write this report by the Centre for the Governance of AI at the University of Oxford, where I was a research fellow for three months in early 2020.

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Submission to the European Commission’s public consultation on its “White Paper on Artificial Intelligence: a European approach to excellence and trust”

I was the primary author of the submission of the Centre for the Governance of AI at the University of Oxford. In our response, we focused our analysis and recommendations on the proposed “ecosystem of trust” and associated international efforts.

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Ingredients for creating disruptive research teams

This post tries to answer the question of what qualities make some research teams more effective than others. I was particularly interested in learning more about “disruptive” research teams, i.e. research teams that have an outsized impact on (1) the research landscape itself (e.g. by paving the way for new fields or establishing a new paradigm), and/or (society at large (e.g. by shaping technology or policy). However, I expect the conclusions to be somewhat relevant for all research teams.

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